Smoking is not good for the health as it causes several diseases. This is the reason why heavy smokers are advised to gradually stop this vice. By using e cigs, living a nicotine-free life is possible.

Here are the top 12 facts you must know about using electronic cigarette:

1. eletronic cigarettes do not contain any amount of tobacco. Users of e cigar say that this device make them feel better than when they were still smoking tobacco.

2. These devices are very safe to use. It was designed in such a way that the user will not need a lighter or a match to smoke it. It makes the smoker feel like he is smoking a real one without the smell and burning.

3. Users can also choose the level of nicotine in e cigarettes. The strength vary depending on how much the smoker wants to experience. In some cases, they can also use a cartridge without the nicotine vapor.

4. e-cig is being sold internationally. In UK, consumers can buy this online or directly from manufacturers and stores. It is always advisable to shop only from trusted distributors.

5. e cig also comes in a variety of flavors that you will surely love. Bubble gum is a popular choice in UK. Young adults also enjoy the caramel and chocolate flavors. There is also the strawberry flavor for those who like the sweet taste of strawberries.

6. electronic cigarettes are generally expensive but these are worth the money. A starter kit includes a battery, some cartridges, and the e-cigarette device. If the user wants to save cash, they can buy the liquid nicotine in bulk for a cheaper price.

7. This smoking device needs to be recharged everyday. It is powered by batteries so you will have to charge it once the battery is already low in power. This may sound like a lot of work or tedious but you will realize that it is more practical than buying a cigarette everyday.

8. The smoker likes this device while the people around will not even notice that they are smoking. This is one of the reasons why many are switching to this smoking device. It is discreet and will not disturb non-smokers in any way.

9. Since these are not made from tobacco, you can also forget about the nasty smell that may stick to your clothes or may irritate the people around.

10. These are very convenient to carry. They are small and can easily fit inside your pockets. Since it is made of metal or plastic, it won’t bend, too.

11. You can also buy a device that emits colorful smoke. It can be blue or green. You must be very adventurous to try those colors. There are other interesting features. Just ask the seller.

12. Research says that these devices can help stop smoking. Although there are no proven studies yet, it is still a great way to stop yourself from smoking a real cigar. Consult your doctor about this. He may recommend a brand that suits you best.

Everything explained, you have plenty of reasons to try out these smoking device. Doctors say that it is bad to smoke. It can ruin the body. That is true but you can still take advantage of cigar devices to give in to your desire.

Smoking is a habit that is difficult to break. This device can help you gradually get away from your vice without causing so much depression and stress on your side. Stop torturing yourself and buy an e cigarette starter kit today.

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